What is Prime Digital?

Everything for Theatres, Multiplexes, Studios & Audio Visual

We have been in the business of Cinema equipment from many years meeting requirements of Cinemas/Multiplexes for designing, supply and installation of Professional Audio equipment as well as after sales service and support.

We have dealt with many cinemas/multiplexes all around the country. We can provide a complete package for a cinema installation, right from a single screen to multiplexes consisting of multiple auditoriums. We supply state-of-the-art analog and digital sound systems consisting amplifiers, speakers, processors and all accessories required for a Cinema Auditorium.

We are committed to the development and supply of new products for cinemas to ensure that our customers have the best and most reliable products available in the global market with dedication to provide the best service and support.

We are supplying sound systems of most prestigious brands like QSC Digital Speakers, Amplifiers & Processors, Dolby Digital Sound Processors and Ultra Stereo sound processors.